Out Cold—The Real Danger Of Concussions

There are 3.8 million concussions in the U.S. every year, and many of them happen as a result of youth sports-related injuries.

In recent years, the true danger of any sort of concussion, from serious to mild, has become more widely recognized among healthcare professionals. Concussions can have a longer, more lingering effect than many people previously realized, and the legacy left by a severe concussion is something medical professionals are seeing more and more in the world of sports.

A great deal of NFL players, for instance, are more aware of concussion symptoms, as well as how these symptoms may play out later in life. You may not be a head-injury prone athlete, but if you have any loved ones who are involved in contact sports, the following infographic provides helpful insight into the medical field’s growing awareness of the danger of a concussion.

Out Cold—The Real Danger Of Concussions

Infographic courtesy of Masters in Health Care

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