SportsEvents Gives Back at the 2017 NASC Sport Event Symposium  

With temperatures hovering around 49 degrees at 6:30 am Monday, March 27, 2017, SportsEvents Media Group joined close to a hundred volunteers and delegates of the 2017 NASC Sport Event Symposium to help clean an underserved Sacramento, Calif.-area park for the National Association of Sports Commissions' (NASC) Sports Legacy Community Service Project.
Volunteers raked, painted benches, mulched around trees and picked up garbage in Seymour Park for about four hours to start this year's symposium.
“We enjoyed being a part of the community service project where we were able to give back to Sacramento,” says Talty O’Connor, Publisher and Founder of SportsEvents Media Group, the sponsor of this year’s community service project. “In addition to cleaning and improving the park, this project also gives conference delegates the opportunity to network and build relationships.”
Launched in 2015, The Legacy Community Service Project provides an opportunity for hundreds of NASC members to give back to the city hosting NASC’s annual meeting. Every year, the service project provides an opportunity for NASC members, who give back to their own communities, in their own parks and with their own community organizations throughout the year, to give back to the city hosting the association’s annual meeting.
Photo Credit: SportsEvents Media Group
Photo Credit: National Association of Sports Commissions (NASC)
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