Lifeguards To Compete In Flagler Beach 

FLAGLER BEACH, Fla.—On July 16 and 17, Flagler Beach will host the United States Lifesaving Association Southeast Regional Championships, a two-day event drawing an estimated 250 competitors. The event, which is expected to attract more than 1,000 spectators to the area will feature rescue races, beach runs, relays, rescue board races and surf boat races. One of the most popular spectator events is the Beach Flags competition, where competitors lie face down on the sand while enough flags for all but one of them are placed at the other end of the beach.
On the referees signal, the lifeguards spring down the beach toward the flags, and the competitor who is unable to reach the flags before they are all gone is eliminated. “The competitions were developed so lifeguards could improve their lifesaving skills, and have opportunities to share skills and ideas with lifeguards from other agencies,” said Tom Gillin, director of Ocean Rescue for the city of Flagler Beach.