Flashy New T-Mobile Arena In Las Vegas Opens Doors 

By Kurt Schlosser, GeekWire.com, April 6, 2016
The flashy new sports and entertainment venue T-Mobile Arena is opening its doors in Las Vegas today. The wireless carrier says it will redefine what it means to put on a show in a city that has hosted its fair share.

A new video tour of the big and bold venue shows off the layout and perks throughout, complete with splashes of signature magenta everywhere — even in the house cocktail. Here are some of the highlights from a T-Mobile news release:

  • Up to 20,000 seats for any event.
  • Five floors, 650,000 feet of sport and entertainment space.
  • Three-story scoreboard with high-definition video of Arena action.
  • Six premium lounge areas, including 18,000-square-foot Hyde Lounge nightclub on top floor.
  • First resident celebrity mixologist for an arena. Tony Abou-Ganum has even crafted a custom magenta cocktail — the Atomic Fizz.
  • T-Mobile 4G LTE network optimized throughout Arena; charging stations for everyone.

Just west of the Las Vegas Strip, the venue will host concerts, awards shows and sporting events such as UFC, hockey, basketball, boxing and rodeo. Nicki Minaj and special guest Ariana Grande will be the first acts to play the Arena on Thursday.

Bellevue, Wash.-based T-Mobile says its customers will always get VIP treatment, with access to advanced tickets, seat upgrades and exclusive fast-track entry at all events.

T-Mobile’s joint-venture partners on the project are AEG and MGM Resorts International.

Todd Goldstein, chief revenue officer at AEG, was part of a GeekWire sports and technology panel discussion at Microsoft Envision in New Orleans on Monday. He said as great as television and technology have become, there’s nothing quite like seeing a concert or sports event in person.

“We spent $375 million to build this arena,” Goldstein said. “We’re building it because there is no replacement for being in that communal experience. Being there live is unlike anything in the world. As great as TV and technology makes these things when you watch it from your sofa, there’s nothing that can replicate being right there seeing the athlete perform or the musician sing.”

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